In the world of interior design, there are as many adjectives to describe one’s personal style as there are paint chips, carpet samples, fabric memos, and other choices.


Depending on which design and architecture books are on your coffee table, your style might be described as clean and modern, collected and eclectic, classic and timeless —or all of the above.

But, in our book, we believe the only adjective that really matters is the word singular. To us, singular means distinctive, one-of-a-kind and completely unique—which is what your home should be. Guided by the words of Leonardo Da Vinci who famously declared “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” we provide our clients with an unerring eye and decades of hard-earned design intelligence and wisdom. Infused with humor, candor and joie de vivre, our rigorous collaborative process is designed to streamline the complexities of planning a new construction or remodeling project in Minnesota, Florida or other destination. At every step of the process, we’ll work with you and your architect and builder to plan the interiors, select lighting, finishes and materials, design draperies and custom furniture, choose and hang original art, and install every last exquisite detail.

Whether you’re planning to build a new house, renovate a family lake cottage or remodel a condo, we’d love to work with you to create a home that’s truly singular.


“Linda’s design work wakes you up. It’s the patina-rich red Asian chair across the room from the sophisticated blue velvet mid-century lounge chair, inviting you to pause and enjoy the moment.

Linda articulates a room with just the right touch of wit and intelligence, reminding us to enjoy life’s luxuries and appreciate the pleasures without taking it all too seriously.

Look through Linda’s projects and you see it. It’s not just the unexpected, but the perfect, masterful addition that elevates a room from well-designed to artisanal, from designerly to distinctive.”

— Marcy Russ Owner, Blended Blue, International Market Square